Who We Are

Twenty years ago we started doing off-site engine optimization for one of our own websites. This was before we thought about doing SEO for anyone else. It cost us a few thousand dollars but it worked. We began to rise in the rankings. So we thought, "What if we could defray expenses by doing the same thing for other companies?"  Other companies liked the idea that we could get them higher in the rankings. So we started helping more and more companies with their SEO campaigns. Then other SEO companies found out that we could do SEO better than they could so they started white labeling our services. It worked well. We liked working with other SEO professionals. Over the next couple of decades we worked with over 900 SEO companies. We found that when there was a Google update all of our clients were in a high pressure spot because their clients were in a tough spot. With hundreds of clients panicking, our motivation to find solutions was high. We started developing software that was substantially ahead of anything we could find on the market and we used it to help our SEO clients help their end user clients. In particular, in 2012, we developed a certain software that allowed an SEO company to quickly find out what was wrong after a Google update. We had planned to sell that software to our SEO clients. But That software, together with our other software created a still wider disparity between us and other SEO companies. So we decided not to sell it. In 2013 we decided to test our SEO out in an international SEO competition. We were not exactly surprised to win first place in all categories, but the accomplishment was so significant we could not help but be startled. The thought was in the back of our minds that someone somewhere there was a company that could out do us in SEO. And there may be, but we cannot find them. So began our shift away from working exclusively with SEO companies. Today we still have SEO companies that we do white label work for but mostly we work with end users.