Have you ever heard that page one position one gets 25% of all business. We hear numbers higher than that. 

Search Engine Optimization can be the single most effective advertising method available. Done incorrectly it can be a waste of money. It is not unheard of for a business owner to earn the ire of Google and have to change their URL. More commonly SEO efforts do nothing except cost money, The possibility of becoming number one in your industry is not off the table with good SEO.

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We are not sure there is anyone in the business that can compete with us. In some ways that may make us the most efficient SEO company in the world. Sounds a bit high minded. Call us and find out why we say it.



Discretion. That word had a commonly held meaning that is less common today. But we like the meaning from years gone by that included discernment and knowledge. Over the last 20 years our knowledge has increased and so has our ability to discern how to help our clients in ways they would not likely have thought to address. 



Our dependability stems from the fact that we are unthinkably good at SEO. And we have learned to look out for our clients on levels that most companies cannot address.

Our promise

We do world class consulting.


When a company gets a real grasp on an industry, they become able to consult in unexpected ways. We have had clients come to us from a variety of situations. Oft times they have had multiple agencies try unsuccessfully to get the results the client was seeking.   Encyclopedia Britanica came to us in that situation. They were actually contemplating quitting their marketing advertising campaign and closing their doors on that particular arm of their company completely. They consulted us and we helped them create a campaign that put them ahead of all their competitors. They grew steadily at a time when their competitors were losing ground. They said it was because of our ability to make the appropriate responses in modifying their online presence when algo changes occurred.  We have software that allows us to know within seconds when such changes have occurred and respond in real time.

Our team

Our team watches your online presence all the time. They also use software to watch your online presence. Our software watches the Google algorhythms and makes changes to your online presence to respond to Google's changes in its algorhythms. Many of those changes are made instantly because our software does not stop watching your online presence as well as Google's algorhythm. As far as we know, we are the only company in the world that has software that can do that. When we started developing this software we were told it was an impossible undertaking. We started and began to wonder if the naysayers were right. But when we succeeded the results were astonishing. 

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